Lightning Network – Use lnd to find routes that don’t originate from you

I am interested in finding a path from a sender that is not running a node to a potential receiver. According to you can do this by specifying parameters. source_pub_key It can be any public key you want that isn’t yours. In reality, it doesn’t work this way. querryroutes The command does not support any parameters other than the following:


Target value: 33-byte hexadecimal encoded public key for the payment destination

money value: Display the amount to be sent in satoshi

fee_limit value: Maximum fees allowed in Satoshi when sending payments

fee_limit_percent value: A percentage of the payment amount used as the maximum fee allowed when sending a payment

final_cltv_delta value: Number of blocks the last hop must release a pre-image

use_mc: Use mission control probability

Does anyone know if there were any additional possibilities? source_pub_key Has it been removed or never existed in the first place? More importantly, is there a way to construct a route from source to destination if you are not actually interested in actually forwarding payments and packets without actually running the nodes at the source, and just construct the route based on the shortest path? path algorithm lnd.

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