MultiversX partners with eCornell to launch blockchain program for underprivileged students

MultiversX has partnered with eCornell to provide underrepresented college students with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of blockchain technology through a specialized program.

This initiative builds on MultiversX’s firm commitment to education, demonstrated through previous collaborations with respected institutions such as the University of Vienna and ELTE Budapest. In collaboration with eCornell, MultiversX aims to expand the scope of its educational efforts to ensure that aspiring blockchain enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to explore the innovative potential of this burgeoning field.

The program named Blockchain Essential Certification Program, which will launch this summer and provide 100 eligible students from around the world the opportunity to participate. In particular, MultiversX has pledged full sponsorship to all enrolled students, helping cover tuition fees and removing financial barriers that may hinder educational activities.

Participants will begin a comprehensive journey through eCornell’s Blockchain Certification Program, carefully crafted by Cornell faculty renowned for their expertise across a variety of disciplines. The curriculum promises to provide learners with a nuanced understanding of blockchain fundamentals and prepare them for the practical challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in a rapidly evolving environment.

What sets this initiative apart is its hands-on approach, where students, after completing the eCornell program, engage in real-world challenges leveraging the MultiversX technology stack. This immersive experience not only reinforces theoretical learning, but also helps students apply their newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios, setting the stage for future innovation and entrepreneurship.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX, said: “Blockchain is an open book for anyone willing to read. “We are still at the beginning of this story, so there is plenty of room for anyone with an innovative idea to bring it to fruition.”

“MultiversX’s collaboration with eCornell highlights our commitment to making our technology accessible to diverse communities around the world, and this is just one of the ways we are streamlining builder onboarding to Web3 and our ecosystem.” Mincu added.

Moreover, the program does not end with the curriculum. This extends to mentorship, support and potential funding opportunities for students aspiring to embark on blockchain projects to foster positive change within their communities.

By nurturing the next generation of blockchain innovators, MultiversX aims to catalyze a wave of innovative initiatives that unlock the full potential of decentralized technology.

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