New OTC portal pairs available for ETH, INJ and SOL

You can now trade via RFQ within the OTC portal.

basic assetpair
brushBTC, ETH

Here’s what you need to know about ETH, INJ, and SOL.

Ethereum (ETH) A global open source platform for decentralized applications. Ethereum is a trustless, decentralized, and secure marketplace for financial services, games, and apps. ETH is a cryptocurrency that supports the Ethereum network. It is used to pay transaction costs, acts as a store of value, a peer-to-peer payment method, or as collateral to create completely different crypto tokens running on Ethereum.

Injection (INJ) It is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that provides various functions such as cross-chain margin trading, derivatives, and foreign exchange futures trading. Built on the Cosmos blockchain, a layer 2 application, Injective uses bridges to provide cross-chain functionality that allows traders to transact on other networks. The exchange is powered by INJ tokens, Injective’s native cryptocurrency, which is used by makers and takers to pay transaction fees on the network.

Solana (SUN) It is a blockchain platform that aims to improve user scalability. Solana is a blockchain platform that aims to increase user scalability through faster transaction settlement times and flexible infrastructure. The SOL cryptocurrency plays a key role in maintaining and operating the Solana ecosystem and is used to execute smart contracts, transmit transactions, and incentivize actors that support the network.

Who can transact through RFQ?

Kraken OTC’s RFQ system is available to OTC customers. To register for Kraken OTC, you must be a Pro certified Kraken client. Once these steps are complete, contact the OTC desk to get started.

Existing institutional customers can sign up for Kraken OTC by speaking with their account manager.

What is Kraken OTC?

Kraken OTC offers premium trading services that allow you to execute orders of $100,000 or more on public exchanges. Whether trading via chat or our RFQ system, OTC clients have access to abundant liquidity and competitive execution and settlement services 24/7.

These materials are provided for general information purposes only and are not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell, stake or hold any cryptocurrency or to engage in any particular trading strategy. Kraken does not and will not seek to increase or decrease the price of any particular cryptocurrency it offers. Some cryptocurrency products and markets are unregulated and you may not be protected by government compensation and/or regulatory protection schemes. The unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market may result in loss of funds. Taxes may be levied on the appreciation and/or reporting of your cryptocurrency assets and you should seek independent advice regarding your tax position. Geographic restrictions may apply.

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