T2 TKN announces new payment solution for the gig economy

T2 What is TKN and what does it solve?

T2 TKN is an innovative payment solution that will revolutionize the transaction paradigm. Built on ‘programmable payments’, T2 TKN allows users to program payments for goods or services in fiat or digital currency, providing risk management for all parties. Every payment made with T2 Wallet offers trust and transparency like never before, minimizing the risk of fraud, delinquency, and other payment issues that are on the rise today. Whether you’re trading for cameras, creative services, personal training sessions, or you’re a construction company building with many stakeholders, T2 payments are as easy as ‘set up and send’.

Within T2 Wallet, users can also access the Freelancer and Classifieds marketplaces to promote products or services for sale. This creates a complete ecosystem where users can only transact with other trusted parties, making T2 Wallet a new payment standard. No more late payments, no more complaints about purchases, and no more bad actors. Just a clean and simple transaction as it should be.

Token Overview

– Token name: T2 TKN

– Token symbol: T2TKN/USDT

– Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Next is the token utility.

1. Staking – Reduce fees

– Staking T2TKN can provide lower fees to users.

2. Staking – low interest rates:

– We provide all users with T2TKN with competitive interest rates to suit their loan needs.

3. Staking – Profit Sharing:

– By staking T2TKN and trusting the ecosystem, T2 can provide a passive income stream by distributing a percentage of the revenue collected from transaction fees.

4. Referral and Incentive Program:

– Acts as the core of the referral program.

5. Arbitration Committee:

– T2 TKN understands that sometimes the work is not delivered according to the Client’s standards and to this extent the payment program may refuse to release funds and move to arbitration. The initial process for this takes place offline. This means that the two parties will arbitrate with each other and then provide a verdict to T2 TKN administrators to properly release the funds. The team envisions a future where T2 TKN users can act as community moderators. Dedicated service or business category. Think of it like Twitter’s ‘Community Notes’ feature, but it’s meant to adjust the quality of service. Even better, all users who participate as moderators will have a certain amount of T2TKN and, provided they maintain an appropriate user rating on the platform, will receive income from every task they review, providing a new passive income stream through the T2 ecosystem. People helping people, all powered by T2TKN.

What are the advantages of T2 TKN?

– Strong security protocols: T2TKN implements state-of-the-art security measures and is the standard for safe transactions when various payment problems such as purchase defects, e-commerce fraud, and delinquency surge out of control. T2TKN is named after its tagline: a token of trust between two people.

– High transaction speed: The ability to process transactions quickly and efficiently sets T2TKN apart from many other cryptocurrencies that face scalability issues.

– Comprehensive DeFi features: Integration with various DeFi applications allows users to maximize the utility of tokens, providing lending, borrowing, and interest earning opportunities.

– Wide accessibility: T2TKN’s user-friendly design ensures that it is accessible to a broad audience, promoting wider adoption and use of programmable payment systems.

What does T2 TKN’s ecosystem include?

T2 Wallet – A digital wallet that allows users to program payments for goods or services in fiat or digital currency for any transaction use case. Every payments program offers customizable payment workflows and transaction management tools that foster trust and transparency like never before.

T2 Freelancer – A marketplace within T2 Wallet where freelancers can post their profiles and promote their services. This is where T2 Wallet users who want to hire only trusted freelancers will find it. Featuring programmable payments, T2 Freelancer will soon also include a job board to connect talent and jobs like never before.

T2 Marketplace – An advertising marketplace within T2 Wallet where users can post products for sale. Whether you have a new item or a used item for sale, T2 Marketplace uses programmable payments to reduce the likelihood of purchase fraud and e-commerce fraud.


T2TKN aims to become a payment standard for secure transactions of goods and services. Focused primarily on the growing gig economy, T2 TKN recognizes the need for someone to step in and protect freelancers. and their customers. The token’s utility and global awareness will continue to grow in parallel with user adoption and the development of more unique features. Additionally, navigating the regulatory environment for payment technologies and complying with stringent licensing requirements are critical to T2TKN’s development as a global payments leader.

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