TG.Casino Price Prediction: TGC Soars 41% as Analysts Say This New ICO Could Surpass Bitcoin, Solana, and XRP in 2024.

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The price of TG.Casino has surged 41% in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.6697 as of 5 AM ET on volume up 30%.

This surge pushed the price of TG.Casino to an all-time high of $0.7083, according to data from DEXTools.

Meanwhile, the TG.Casino price is likely to adjust with a relative strength index (RSI) of 86. This indicates that TGC is already massively overbought and a downtrend may be underway.

Nonetheless, TGC holders should hold off on liquidating their positions until RSI crosses below the 70 line. According to Welles Wilder, you can only sell an asset when the RSI falls below the 70 level.

On the other hand, those looking to open new long positions should exercise caution as a correction could be just around the corner.

Increasing buyer momentum could push TG.Casino price northwards, clearing the $0.7083 high and making the $0.8000 psychological level visible. A tag at this level is considered a 15% increase over the current level.

TG CasinoTG Casino

TradingView: TGC/USD 1-day chart

On the other hand, if profit booking begins after the TG.Casino price surge of 41%, the altcoin could fall to $0.5646, which is the 23.6% Fibonacci level. Lower, the altcoin could test the 50% Fibonacci level at $0.4015.

In a severe case, TGC could go down to $0.3287, the most important retracement level of 61.8%. This is a 50% decline from current levels.

A promising alternative to TG.Casino

With TG.Casino prices at risk from the fallout from overbought assets, the new ICO MK is likely to outperform Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL), and Ripple (XRP) in 2024.

MK is a powerful token for the Meme Kombat ecosystem, advertised as “a revolutionary new gaming platform designed for gaming enthusiasts.” This gives community members the opportunity to solve their problems on the playing field, represented by a meme character of their choice.

MK BattleMK Battle

The project is in the pre-sale phase and has recorded over $8.19 million in sales to date. Traders looking to purchase MK can do so on the website where each token is sold for $0.279.

Token holders can utilize the staking dashboard launched in November. Staking rewards are currently at 114%, with 80% of the total token bucket already staked, consisting of over 34.445 million MK tokens with 11,306 stakers set to receive rewards.

MK BattleMK Battle

The point of $MK is not to simply buy and trade, but to stake your tokens in Meme Kombat. Bet on battles for a chance to win big through regular battles as well as bigger and more over-the-top battles. Participate and win great prizes.

Don’t wait for the battle, purchase the pre-sale right here and start earning APY on $MK tokens right now.

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