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Why Prop GT Professional Advisors Are More Likely to Pass the Prop Firm Challenge Than Regular Traders – Trading Systems – June 10, 2024

Completing the Prop Firm Challenge is one of the most difficult tasks for any trader. Statistics show that more than 95% of traders fail the challenge, constantly spending money on new accounts but never achieving their desired goals. Traders face several challenges that prevent them from completing the challenge successfully every time. However, Prop GT expert advisors provide solutions that can increase your chances of success. In this article, we’ll look at why Prop GT expert advisors are much more likely to pass the Prop Firm Challenge than most traders.

First, let’s analyze the main issues that cause most traders to fail to pass the challenge.

  1. No trading plan. Most traders approach this challenge without a trading plan, starting with random trades and hoping for luck. But in reality, there is no such thing as luck in the market. You may get lucky once or twice, but in the long run you will only fail the challenge. A trading plan is essential for every trader. You need to have a clear understanding of when to start trading and where to place StopLoss and TakeProfit. Without the right strategy, you won’t be able to earn the profits you need to pass the challenge, which could even result in you losing your account.
  2. emotional decision. Once a trading plan is prepared, it must be followed in a disciplined manner. The task may seem simple, but in reality, emotions cause many traders to forget the existence of this plan. Everyone has emotions, but they must be controlled when trading. Emotions are a trader’s biggest enemy. Everyone knows the feeling when you take a loss and want to immediately open another trade to recover, or you don’t close a trade in time because you want to make more profits. All of these lead to trading plan violations, which often lead to challenge failure.
  3. Ignoring risk management rules. When trading in a Prop Firms account, you must properly control your risk to avoid losing your account. However, in reality, there are often situations where a trader sees a trade approaching StopLoss and starts moving it further and further out in the hope that the instrument will reverse and reach TakeProfit. In most cases, your trade will end at StopLoss and you will end up losing more than you could have lost in the first place. Also, sometimes there are situations where you miscalculate your trading risk and if you incur a loss, you lose your account.

Now that you have identified the key issues, we suggest using Prop GT Expert Advisor to explore solutions to these issues.

One. trading plan. Prop GT expert advisors know exactly when to open a trade. For each trade, the expert advisor knows where to lock in profits and where to place StopLoss. Test results show that professional advisors bring in the monthly returns needed to pass the challenge and do not violate account withdrawal rules.

2. Take Emotions Out of Trading. Prop GT is traded strictly according to an algorithm that excludes emotional decisions. Expert advisors follow predetermined strategies and do not allow human emotions to influence the trading process. Robots have no emotions, they are not influenced by external factors, and all they have are trading algorithms.

three. Strict compliance with risk management rules. Expert Advisor has a Prop Controller module that monitors risk parameters and does not allow them to exceed set drawdowns. This is important to ensure compliance with the challenge conditions.

In summary, you can see that any issues that prevent traders from completing the challenge are simply resolved by Prop GT expert advisors. Using a Prop GT expert advisor can significantly increase a trader’s chances of successfully completing the Prop Firm Challenge by eliminating emotional trading, ensuring strict adherence to risk management rules and disciplined trading. If you want to pass the challenge using Expert Advisor, you can install it by following this link:

You can also go to our chat room where you can always get answers to all your questions related to Prop GT Expert Advisor. See what our users are doing with our Expert Advisor and be the first to know about important news: @prop_ea

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