ZkSync token airdrop soon reaches 695,000 wallets

zkSync, the Ethereum zero-knowledge (ZK) layer 2 scaling solution, announced the following: Distribution of the newly launched token, zkSync (ZK), is scheduled.

According to a June 11 ZKNation blog post:, Next week, approximately 3.68 billion tokens will be airdropped to 695,232 eligible wallets. It accounts for 17.5% of the total 21 billion token supply.

Airdrop eligibility is determined by: Interaction with zkSync’s Era or Lite networks Before the snapshot date of March 24th seven criteria, Designed to prevent Sybil attacks, this includes interacting with 10 smart contracts, trading 10 ERC-20 tokens, or depositing liquidity into decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Each eligible wallet will receive: Up to 100,000 tokens.

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Of the total airdrops, 89% are delivered directly to network users; The rest supports native projects, on-chain communities, and builders within the zkSync ecosystem.

additionally, Less than 0.5% of total supply is allocated to special drops. Available to “Crypto: The Game” players, Pudgy Penguins and Milady Maker NFT (Non-Fungible Token) holders, and previous DEGEN and BONSAI airdrop recipients.

The remaining tokens are reserved for: “Token Assembly” (29.3%), Ecosystem Initiative (19.9%), Investors (17.2%), Matter Labs Development Team (16.1%). The blog post states:

Giving out more tokens in the airdrop than the Matter Labs team and investors is more than a symbolic decision for the community.

Airdrop is It starts next week and continues until January 3, 2025. Token holders can: Instantly participate in protocol governance After receiving the token.

This approach strengthens community involvement and trust in the long-term vision of the project.

However, Matter Labs, the developer of zkSync, recently faced backlash for attempting to trademark the term “zero knowledge” (ZK) in nine countries, but has since given up.

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